Jeff Cullen - CEO and Director of Software Development.

Michael Kalberg - Programmer.

Kelly Kalberg - Office Manager.

Kay Hamilton - GIS and Training Specialist.

Andrea Fieri - Installation and Support Specialist.

Lola - Crossroads Software Mascot, Therapy dog and Head of Security.

To email any of the above company personnel, use the first letter and the full last name (e.g. jcullen) followed by the "at" symbol, followed by crossroadssoftware, followed by a DOT (or period), followed by com (jcullen AT crossroadssoftware DOT com). Unfortunately, Lola does not have an email account.


Crossroads Software, Inc., founded in 1992 by Jeff Cullen, has its offices on the Birch Street Promenade in Brea, California.

The company's premier products include the Traffic Collision Database System and the Handheld Citation Writing System. A Speed Survey Analysis program is also available.

We are devoted to developing software that is intuitive to use, produces results and reports instantly, and generates effective and informative maps, diagrams, charts, reports, and graphs. We are also devoted to assisting agencies and clients in meeting their software needs. There is funding available from federal and state agencies, with little or no required match from your department or agency. We can help with the grant-writing process for purchasing our software as well as for purchasing any needed computer equipment.

Crossroads Software, Inc. has more than one hundred clients in California, in addition to clients in Washington, Arizona, and New Jersey.