Collision and DUI Arrest Reporting
In addition to citation writing, the Crossroads Software Handheld Citation and Report Writing Program offers fully integrated modules for collision reports and DUI arrest reports. Like the Citation Module, the Collision Report and DUI Arrest Report Modules employ user-friendly, intuitive data-entry methods, including drop-down menus, check-boxes, a Soft Keyboard for free-form text fields, and easily navigable menus. In addition, the Collision Report Module uses a special navigation system that allows officers to build a collision report and easily arrange, open, and edit its sections (Scene, Party, Occupant, Non-Motorist, Witness). When a collision report is completed, a data validation process checks for errors, ommisions, and other issues and warns users before the report is saved.

The Collision Report Module captures, among other elements, vehicle and party information, scene information, movement preceding collision, roadway and weather conditions, sobriety data, as well as information for pedestrians, witnesses, and bicyclists. Officers write the collision reports on the handheld unit and can then sync the reports and offload the data to records management systems for storing, reviewing, and editing. The Collision Report Module is fully compatible with the Crossroads Software Traffic Collision Database System, which offers full-featured records management, analysis, and GIS mapping capabilities.

The DUI Arrest Report Module allows users to conduct standard DUI tests and write complete DUI reports. The Module offers interviewing, field-sobriety testing (Walk and Turn, One Leg Stand, Romberg Balance, and more), Preliminary Alcohol Screen Device testing, and Blood Alcohol Content test information. It also allows input of violator and vehicle data, observations, violations, witnesses, and other relevant data.

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