Citation Module
Crossroads Software designed the Handheld Citation and Report Writing Program with ease-of-use in mind, and the Citation Module (like the Collision Report and DUI Arrest Report Modules) offers intuitive, efficient data-entry features. The citation itself is organized into sections (Violator, Vehicle, Location, Violation, and more) that are easily accessed at the touch of a button. Drop-down lists allow for speedy data entry for pre-configured fields (such as Vehicle Make, Vehicle Color, State, Direction, Weather, Light, and more), while the built-in Soft Keyboard offers easy entry for free-from text boxes.

In addition, users can swipe the mag-stripe of a driver license to input driver info. The system also captures a violator's signature electronically and provides court and court day/time information. For violations, the Citation Module contains a complete codes section that provides codes and titles that can easily be selected from drop-down menus, as users first select a violation category and then specific violations within that category.

Another unique feature of the Handheld Citation and Report Writing Program is the Ticketbook, which assigns users, a specific number of tickets, and sequential citation numbers for each handheld device.

Features of the Citation Module include:

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